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Capstone Projects in Engineering Courses: A Research Report of Barriga Verde University in Brazil

The capstone project is one of the components of the course curriculum which is mandatory for graduation, according to the National Curriculum Guidelines of the Engineering and Agronomy courses. In this context, the objective of this work is to report the development of capstone projects in Engineering courses of Barriga Verde University (UNIBAVE). The capstone projects of Agronomy, Environmental and Sanitation Engineering and Civil Engineering in UNIBAVE are systematized in the format of a scientific paper and are developed in the following phases: elaboration of the research matrix frameworkand the research project, presentation of the proposal to a committee, elaboration and handing in the printed version of the capstone project, defending it publicly to an evaluation committee, and handing in the final version of the capstone project. Each phase is developed by the undergraduates and their professors, who are research advisors, and supervised by the department of Extension and Research and the Coordinator of each course. Thus, the efficiency of the process of the capstone project is observable, followed to the professional development of the advisors and the submission of the articles for scientific publications. Keywords - Capstone Project, Engineering, UNIBAVE.