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Electromechanical System Assisting The Maintenance of Some Vehicles' Tires

The idea of this research is that when replacing some types of cars' tires, they can be replaced very easily and effortlessly. This is due to mechanical jacks fixed symmetrically at the bottom of the vehicle. These jacks are controlled through the vehicle's DC via up and down switches resulting in moving it up and down. An electric impact wrench is used for screwing and unscrewing tires; it can be used easily and works via vehicle's DC. When the tire air pressure is decreased, it can be adjusted easily through the air compressor equipped to the vehicle and also works via vehicle's DC; hence the research offered a solution to the tires problems regarding time and effort. Moreover, the suggested system in this research can be adjusted to fit other vehicles types such as; large trucks taking into account the size of electromechanical jack and its power as well as taking into account the power of voltage and electromechanical motors and other differences between trucks and vehicles. Keywords - Air Compressor, Control Panel, Electric Impact Wrench, Inverter, Jointing Arms, Tires