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Language Implications to Business Across Borders

Effective communication depends upon the application of a mutually understandable language; a prerequisite that is almost non-existence in numerous businesses across our borders. Language is identified as one of the most austere operational problem for most intercultural business. The study theoretically approaches the barriers caused by language in Intercultural Business Communication. We identified the various ways in which language could impede effective intercultural business communication. We also provided an exhaustive and precise discourse of the effects and implications that language barrier could have on intercultural business communication. Further, the discussion examines how language affects the way by which business organisations deal with their tasks and relationship with foreign counterparts. In doing this, Shannon and Weaver theory was utilized to show that when there is language barrier; it leads to misunderstanding among parties involve in intercultural business communication. The study recommends multilingual employees, language and culture training and repetition of information for clarification as ways to curb language barriers. The study was concluded with possible solutions to language barriers that could lead to in-effective intercultural business communications. Keywords - Culture, Intercultural Business Communication, Language barriers, Shannon and Weaver Model