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A New Model of Filament Winding Machine as an Educational Tool

Glass/epoxy products are widely used in numerous industries nowadays .The glass-epoxy (G-E) composites are prepared manually using hand lay-up technique or mechanized. In this work, a 2-axis filament winding machine was designed and fabricated to produce pipes and round shape specimens. It provides a capability for producing pipe specimens with an internal diameter up to 60 mm and lengths up to 1000 mm. The range of the winding angle configurations starts from 50o to 80o depending on the mandrel diameter used. The speed of screw of delivery unit ranges from 1 rpm 250 rpm. A Dc motor was adopted in this work due to its greater capabilities and accuracy. A control unit was designed to control the whole process and achieve regular winding. The developed machine could be used for scientific research and educational purposes. It could be used in the field of fabrication of long fiber composite materials. Several specimens are fabricated to validate the developed machine. Keywords: Filament, Winding, Glass, Fiber, Composite, Pipe