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The Study of Perceived Risk and E-Service Convenience Towards Satisfaction and Trust of Online-Academic Users in Indonesia

The modernization in information technology (IT) has influenced the changes in the education industry. IT Utilization has provided users with many benefits. On the other hand, there are issues of security and privacy arising. This study aims to examine the perceived risk and the e-service convenience towards the satisfaction and trust of academic-online users at the University of Indonesia. Data were collected by distributing the questionnaires to 220 respondents at two state universities and one private university in Indonesia. The sampling technique used in this research is the convenience and purposive sampling technique, which is distributed to users, namely students, lecturers, and administrative staff. The data analyzed in this research is using path analysis. The results show that decision convenience, transaction convenience, and post-benefit convenience have a significant effect on academic-online user satisfaction. On the contrary, there is no influence of other factors such as perceived risk, access convenience, and benefit convenience on user satisfaction academic-online at college. This research also proves that satisfaction has a positive influence on user trust. Keywords - E-service convenience, Perceived risk, Satisfaction, Trust.