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Do Brand Ambassador, Payment Convenience and Return Policy Could Effect Purchase Intention Trough E-Trust as Mediation

The large population of Indonesia and increasing internet access and usage provide an ideal environment for a thriving e-commerce scene. With many e-commerce options, we sought to discover whether trust have impact on the purchase intention. Many ways are done by e-commerce companies to increase consumer trust where it is expected that with a large number of e-commerce choices consumers more prefer that company to others. There are many factors that may impact trust but this study focuses primarily on the e-trust that relate to brand ambassador program, payment convenience, and return policy. The purchase intention variables that will be investigated in this paper is interesting because it measures how high the possibility of consumers in buying intention because of the higher e-trust on an e-commerce. In this study, the object that being used is one of the most well-known fashion e-commerce companies in Indonesia which is Zalora Indonesia. This study aims to determine the influence of Zalora brand ambassador, payment convenience, and return policy toward e-trust and its effect towards purchase intention on Zalora Indonesia in Pontianak. The population in this study is customers who know about Zalora Indonesia and have experience in shopping on e-commerce. Data collection method used in this study is by distributing questionnaires and measurements are carried out using a Likert scale. This research was processed using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) method with Partial Least Square (PLS). SmartPLS 3.2.7 software used to complete the quantitative data. The findings of this study show that return policy has the greatest influence on e-trust which indicates that in order to gain trust from customers, e-businesses must offer an easy return policy. Zalora brand ambassador and payment convenience are also found to have a positive influence toward e-trust. In addition, e-trust has positively influence purchase intention on Zalora Indonesia. Keywords - Brand Ambassador, Payment Convenience, Return Policy, E-Trust, Purchase Intention