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A Cost-Effective Erp Formulation � A Prototype For Small Enterprises

Enormous increase in the scope of operation, unpredictable augment in the awareness levels of the customers, enlargement in the tech savvy nature of the customers irrespective of the literacy level and educational background; the endless speed with which the customers expect the companies to respond to their needs and demands; and many other such factors, have become the challenges for survival of many companies universally. A necessity arose for companies to look for a way out to eliminate the need for manual entries and rely on something that would consistently help in retrieving the accurate accounting statements and various cost details. In the light of the above, the present research paper demonstrates prototype ERP software developed with three modules relating to Sales, Purchases and Inventory Management. For the purpose of prototype, using MS Excel along with Visual basic coding the research paper explains how a cost-effective ERP can be generated. However the actual ERP software would be designed using MS SQL and .net. This module, serving as a basis to create similar other modules, can help in crafting ERP system in an organisation, especially, where the scale of operations is not very high. Key words- MS Excel, Module, MS SQL, .net, ERP.