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Beyond Y and Z: A Bricolage of Generation Alpha

Market segmentation is regarded to be one of the most essential steps in the planning and implementation of a marketing strategy. It essentially encompasses the identification of distinctive homogeneous groups of consumers, with the probability that these consumers in a specific market segment, would behave and respond relatedly to the marketing efforts directed at them.The aim of this bricolage is to provide an exploratory discussion of Generation Alpha that can prepare marketers to engage and understand consumers of the future, in the face of a shortage of behavioural data. This study applies the Theory of Generationsto explore the available literature to provide the characteristics, socio-historical context and the actuality of Generation Alpha.An exploratory research design using conceptual analysis to conduct a qualitative knowledge-building review is used. Results revealed that generation Alpha appears to be the most technologically aware, globally connected, disruptive and influential generational cohort to date. Implications and future directions are provided. Keywords: Theory of Generations, Generation Alpha, Bricolage, Cohort