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Teacher Education and Sustainable National Development in Ekiti State Nigeria

This study examined teacher education and sustainable National Development in Nigeria. Two research hypotheses were generated .The research design used for the study was the descriptive research design of the survey type. One thousand two hundred teachers selected through purposive sampling technique formed the sample for the study. The samples were taken from three randomly selected Local Government Areas cities, towns and villages in Ekiti State, Nigeria. ‚ÄĚTeacher Education and National Development Inventory (TENDI).Face and content validities of the instrument was established at a value of 0.65 using the test-re-test reliability method. The inferential statistical technique used for data analysis in this study was Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient to test the two hypotheses formulated for the study. The results of the analysis revealed that there was significant relationship between teachers welfare and their performance in schools in Ekiti State, again it was discovered that significant relationship existed between continuous development of teachers and pedagogical efficiency in school. Based on the findings, it was recommended that teachers welfare be priories to motivate them for delivery and also regular changing be organized to enhance their performance in the classroom. Keywords - Teacher education, sustainability, National Development, Ekiti State,Nigeria.