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Barriers Undermining the Implementation of Students’ Mental Health Promotion Process in Schools: Teachers’ Perceptions - A Call for Mental Health Education

This study shed the lights on the investigating teachers’ perceptions aboutcontextual barriers that could affect their understanding of the mental health issues; thus, hinder their role in promoting students' mental health in the context of Kuwaiti secondary schools. The study also attempted to explore teachers' perceptions regarding the changes required to put students' mental health promotion process into practice in the Kuwaiti educational context. A mixed-methodological research approach includes two stages has been adopted: A systematic surveyconducted on 500 Kuwaiti secondaryschool teachers, and semi-structured interviews conducted on30 teachers were chosen purposely. Findings from the study showed that teachers’ perceptions were markedly affected within the socio-cultural and religious context in the State of Kuwait. A variety of personal, interpersonal, socio-cultural and structural-organisational barriers could undermine and impact in terms of moving towards the implementation of promoting pupils’ mental health, were reported by teachers. Keywords - Mental health barriers, Mental health, Mental health perceptions, Mental health socio-cultural context.