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How to Deal with the Relationship of the State Governance and the Global Governance? The Ecological Integration Theory: The Governance Logic of an Ecological Accountable Government

With the development of Globalization, the relations of state governance and the global governance are becoming closer and closer. Not only the academic world but also the fields of government practice are looking for an effective way to deal with relationship of the state governance and the global governance. In this paper, we aim to set up an ecological integration theory to solve the problem. Firstly, we give a literature review about the relation theories of the state governance and the global governance, then figure out the shortcomings of the existing theories. Secondly, we put forward the ecological integration idea according to the ecological accountability government. Finally, by using the wisdom of Chinese traditional ecological culture, we argue that the communalism is the logic premise of the ecological integration theory, and mutual aid and friendship are the best alternative for the global governance. Keywords - Global Governance, Ecological Integration Theory, Ecological Accountable Government, Communalism.