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A Study of Immunomodulator Effects on Mandibilar Fractures Experimental and Clinical Study.

The main principle in treatment of facial fractures are precise reposition and stable fixation. To attain maximum effectiveness of this surgical procedure, optimization of reparative osteogenesis processes is considered of crucial importance. Release of stress hormones(glucocorticoid, cortisol and adrenocortiropic) into bloodstream as a result of activation of hypothalamus, hypophis and adrenal glands when in trauma and after surgery, causes immune disorders, secondary immune deficiency conditions - stresssor-immune deficiency. Prognosis of reparative osteogenesis, especially during inflammation phase is directly related to specific and non-specific resistance of body. Decreasing of immunity in post traumatic period effects osteoreparative process and prolongs rehabilitaion duration. In search of a modern immunostimulators a herbal supplement with immunomodular and anti-inflammatory effects “Septillin” used for various types of secondary immune deficiency attracted our attention. We decided to study the effects of Septillin on traumatic jaw (mandibular) fractures. Experimental studies of this research was conducted on 24 rabbits. Rabbits were divided into two groups, research and control. Fracture model was created on mandibular angle of all rabbits, fracture fragments were fixed by titanium mini-plates and screws. Clinical part of this work was conducted at the Department of Maxillofacial at Clinical Medical Center on 80 patients with mandibular fractures between years of 2015-2017. Based on the indication, 71 patients underwent mandibular osteosynthesis surgery and 9 underwent bimaxillary fixation of jaw. In addition to standard treatment procedure, the reseach group were prescribed the immunomodulator Septillin. Following the clinical, biochemical and histological studies, it was demonstrated that the use of adaptive immunomodulators during postraumatic period after facial-mandibular fractures, helps with possible immunodeficiency condition by promoting reparative osteogenesis process and preventing complications.