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Machine Learning Approaches for a Dynamic Learner Behavioral Profile Generation in Ubiquitous Learning Environment

Since early ‘70s, distance learning has not stopped progressing [1]. Moreover, during the last decade, the design and the deployment of intelligent systems becomes the main challenge for researchers in different fields, including learning field. Personalizing the content and adapting the learning for the learner’s needs grows into one of the most threats with the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning. In fact, thanks to machine learning, a computer is able to learn without having been explicitly programmed. This allows us to set up the learner’s profile, to know him better, know his preferences and needs. In this paper, we explore this field of construction of learner profile; various trends, techniques and applications and we address to construct a structured learner profile. Keywords - Distance Learning, Learner Profile, Profiling, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Personalize, Behavioral Profile.