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Nurses’ Intention to Leave their Employment in a Private Hospital: A Descriptive Analysis

The shortage of nursing staff due to nurses’ turnover has continued to be a major issue affecting delivery of healthcare globally. To reduce the rate of nurses’ turnover, it is important to understand the factors influencing nurses’ intention to leave. To identify factors associated with Malaysian nurses’ intention to leave or to stay in their current employment in a private hospital. A descriptive cross-sectional method was conducted and data were collected using a structured questionnaire. Of 78 nurses, 29(41.4%) indicated intention to stay and total 23(32.9%) indicated intention to leave the current employment with significant of risk factor including age, working experience and highest qualification in nursing. Result of this study shows that high job satisfaction including working environment and salary is indicates to nurses’ intention to stay in their current employment in this private hospital. However, there are some issues to be concern by hospital management in order to retain the nurses such as increasing workload and lack of opportunity of career advancement. Our findings outline some issue that contributing to this problem and provide healthcare organization management including Human Resources to develop strategies in nurses’ retention. Keywords - Nurses, Intention to Leave, Private Hospital, Job Satisfaction, Private Hospital