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Adopting In-Database Analytics to Address Business Demands in research Projects Fund Management for State University and Colleges (SUCs)

In-database analytics is described as the processing of data within its repository. This method eliminates the need for movement of the data into an analytic tool, thus providing real-time results. A software was developed which adopted in-database analytics for its report data handling. The test case problem is to address the need for research projects fund management in state university and colleges in the Philippines. The major challenge was to manage the fund distribution of a state university to various contributors in its satellite campuses across the country, with projects spanning for years and be able to provide on demand reports to various stakeholders of the institution. A survey was conducted to evaluate the usefulness of the developed tool which generally showed a positive feedback. This paper discusses why in-database analytics is the good alternative solution for the analytical needs of the institution in their software development initiatives. Keywords - RDBMS, In-Database Analytics, Structured Query Language (SQL), Project Management, Grant Management.