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Mobile Technologies in The Development of Musical Hearing

The processes of informatization transform the environment of professional activity of the modern musician, form new educational needs of students of various musical specialties, cause changes in the activity of the teacher-musician. This is due, in particular, to the use of digital educational resources, the widespread introduction of techniques and methods of network interaction and modern music computer technologies (MCT), which have a wide range of capabilities. These possibilities are truly limitless, they allow you to discover new artistic worlds. One of the actual problems of musicology is the study of the processes associated with the spread of information culture and their influence on the formation of the contemporary musician, in particular, the formation of musical hearing. The authors of the article analyze the possibilities of mobile technologies in the field of development of musical hearing of children's musical schools and children's schools of arts. Based on the results of many-year practice of teaching solfeggio with the use of mobile technologies and the conducted pedagogical experiment, the authors conclude about the high educational potential of cloud-oriented technologies in the system of modern music education. Mobile technologies can significantly expand the forms and methods of teaching solfeggio. The authors of the article note the need for further scientific and pedagogical research in this area related to teaching with the use of modern mobile technologies, the development of training programs and professional retraining of teachers of musical and theoretical disciplines. Keywords - Mobile Technologies, Musical Hearing, Music Computer Technologies (MCT), Solfeggio, Music Education.