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An Insight Into The Comparisons Of Space Colonization Of Heavenly Bodies Of The Inner Solar System

Space Colonization has long been termed as a secondary permanent habitat for humans in other nearby planetary bodies to exploit the vast untapped resources in the solar system and beyond as our beautiful planet has been increasingly getting resource scarce. There is also another reason for colonization of other planets and moons, Long have scientists debated about a catastrophic event resulting in the destruction of the earth and the extermination of the human species. This event dubbed “The Armageddon” is the event in which a gigantic asteroid or comet about more than 400 kms in diameter collides with the earth and causes widespread devastation and annihilation of both earth and its living species. Space colonization has been stressed as a noteworthy attempt to ensure continuation of the human species in the event of the above mentioned catastrophe, even though the probability of an asteroid hitting the earth is estimated to be about 1 in 768000 chances. This paper will compare Space Colonization of Mars with the Space Colonization of Ceres and give an insight as to which is more feasible, economically viable and supports more human sustenance .Unique Proposals given by Space agencies to support human life in hostile environments was taken into account, due to the fact that using existing technologies is more economical than going for yet to be established techniques. Our Proposals have also been included in this paper with a brief explanation.