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A Data Mining Based Maintenance Decision Model for Medical Device Industry

Medical devices are fundamental components of modern health services used for diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of patients. Medical device companies must ensure that their medical devices are safe, accurate, reliable and operating at the required level of performance. To achieve these objectives, medical device companies must establish and regulate a Medical Device Maintenance Decision Model which describes risk management of medical device. This paper presents a work in progress study.The aim of this study is to develop a maintenance decision model for Medical Device Industry. The identification of the risk factors by clarifying the relationship between the variables defines the discovery of knowledge. Au-tomatic and estimation oriented information discovery process coincides the definition of data mining. Data mining is the process of sorting through large amounts of data and picking out relevant information. Therefore data mining is used for the maintenance decision model in this study. The application and text of model is conducted hemodialysis devices. Keywords - Data Mining, Decision Making, Medical Device Industry