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Research on Human Resource Management of Chinese SMES, A Case Study of Xianrenling Tea Company in Fenggang County, Guizhou Province

The main purpose of this study is to investigate the status of human resources management in XianRenling Tea Company, FengGang County, Guizhou Province and find out the main problems of its existence, including the company's human management concept is backward, recruitment and selection are not standardized, employees training and development work are not valued. Then put forward the solutions to the problems of human resources management of XianRenling Tea Company, including update the concept of human resource management, establish an independent human resource management department, improve the talent recruitment system, increase investment in employee training and development work. This study also hopes to provide some theoretical construction for SMEs represented by XianRenling Tea Company in China. Keywords - Chinese SMES, Human Resource Management, XianRenling Tea Company, Development.