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Differentiation Potentiality of Goat Placenta Derived Stem Cells

Stem cells now days hold the promise to cure a couple of diseases by differentiation, paracrine effect, exosome and vesicle effect or cell fusion effects. Goat is regarded as an optimal animal model for investigation and exploration of human diseases. In addition, placenta can be derived non-invasively and was reported to be the abundant source of stem cells. Hence, this study is to harvest the stem cells from goat placenta and attempt to give rise to these cells to different cell types and characterize if these cells express stem cells markers. The results demonstrated that goat placenta derived stem cells (GPSCs) are able to express stem cells markers such as CD44 and GPSCs are capable of giving rise to osteoblast, adipocyte, chondrocyte which are confirmed by staining of Alizarin Red, Oil Red O, and Toluidine Blue O respectively. Taken together, GPSCs are capable of expressing stem cells markers and differentiate to mesoderm lineage cells. This outcome is beneficial to offer a reference for future regenerative medicine and pre-clinic trial. Keywords - Placenta, Stem Cells, Goat, Differentiation