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A Quest in Urban Microclimate; Review on the Impacts of Street Design on Urban Canyon’s Airflow

Abstract - Urban climate is a significant topic on climate, both locally and globally. There are numbers of aspects that affect it such as urban morphology, density, the possessing of urban surfaces and the vegetation spread. The urban environment alters micro-climate in various ways. Therefore, an increasing interest can be seen in microclimate concerns as they resemble significant factors in order to achieving sustainability among the cities, where numerous inhabitants lives in. The role of Canyon street morphology is very important in urban microclimates as often more than a quarter of urban areas are covered by streets. As the amount of airflow in urban canyons are impacted as by geometry and orientation of streets, the effects of designing streets on urban microclimate with emphasizing the effects of streets geometry (H/W ratio) and their orientation on airflow in an urban canyon will be studied in the manners of present literature and evidences. Scholars have evidently illustrated that geometry and orientation of a street are the major principles that should be considered in order to creating a suitable microclimate at pedestrian scale in an urban canyon. Keywords - Urban Microclimate, Street Design, Urban Canyons, Airflow