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Effectiveness Of Entrepreneurial Training Model On Beef Cattle Fatteningin Effort Strengthening Competitiveness And The Regional Innovation System In Indonesia

The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of entrepreneurial training model fattening beef cattle in an attempt to strengthen the competitiveness and the regional innovation system. The research was conducted in District Boyolali, Central Java, Indonesia in August 2015. Methods of data collection techniques done with the literature study, observation, interviews and focus group discussions. The study design using the Pre-Experimental Design with one group pretest-posttest design to test the effectiveness of the training model. Analysis of data using business enterprising concept approach is the application of management functions in production, marketing, finance, organizational management and entrepreneurial qualifications of farmers and using the Wilcoxon test. The results based on the concept of business enterprising shows that the average score entrepreneurial spirit of farmers by 19 (79.17%), the average score organizational management of 12 (80%), the average score of the management of marketing activities by 11 (52.38% ), the average score of 8.97 for production management (74.75%), the average score of 8 business financial management (88.89%). The results based on analysis using Wilcoxon test by comparing the results of the pre-test and post-test on aspects of knowledge showed a significant effect, with a value before the training gained an average value of 15 and after training before training 18. The standard deviation of 3.25 and after training 4,16. The minimum value before training 8 and a maximum value of 22. The minimum value after training 8 and a maximum value of 28. Price 3.82 Z count is greater than Z table = 1.96 with a standard error of 0.025 (p). This means there is a change or an increase in the ability of the participants after the training is given, so that it can be concluded that entrepreneurship training fattening beef cattle effectively empower farmers. Keywords: Effectiveness, Model, Training, Entrepreneurship, fattening beef cattle