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Tracing Financial Inclusion Specifically with Regards to Internet - and Mobile Banking in South Africa

The benefits when a country has more financially included citizens, are numerous. If more people would have access to internet- and mobile banking, it could lead to higher financial inclusion. Financial inclusion was statutorily enacted in South Africa in 2018 in the Financial Sector Regulation Act 9 of 2017. It is recommended that to comply with this Act, certain measures have to be taken by banks, specifically in making internet banking more available to customers. Although this conference is on Economics and Business Research, this paper will trace financial inclusion in South Africa from a legal perspective. The law has a significant function in commercial activities because business relies on the law and on regulation to operate effectively. It is the submission of the author that the development of financial inclusion with regards to internet - and mobile banking in an emerging market such as South Africa, is important for economics and business research and thus relevant for this conference. Interdisciplinary contact can furthermore contribute to knowledge and understanding of a subject. It can also stimulate future research on a subject, even and perhaps especially, in fields different than the one from whose perspective a paper is written. Keywords - Emerging Markets, Financial Inclusion, Internet Banking.