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Moderating Role of Emotional Intelligence on the Relationship between Leadership Styles and Leaders’ Performance

The purpose of this study is to determine the moderating role of emotional intelligence on the relationship between leadership styles and job performance.This study was carried out in three Malaysian university, University Kebangsaan Malaysia, University Malaya, and Multimedia University, which include 196 academic leaders as respondents. Descriptive statistic was employed to investigate the direction of the relationship between transformational leadership style and performance. Results presented that transformational leadershipstyle positively correlated with job performance(r = 0.64, p <0.0005). Analysis of moderator variable indicated emotional intelligence did not affect the relationship between predictors and job performance. It is recommended that to improve job performance among the academic administrators, weak, strong points should be investigated and the effects of factors on performance increase or decrease should be identified. Certainly, there is a need for some new and appropriate policies in order to successfully be implemented. Keywords - TransformationalLeadership Style, Emotional Intelligence, Job Performance, Academic Leaders.