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A Case Study of a Toddler Exposed to Three Languages (English, Ilocano, Japanese)

This case study focuses on a toddler’s (2-year old) language development as an effect of being exposed to three languages with various kinds of exposure. This aims to address the following questions regarding the child’s present language developments and simultaneous development. The first part focuses on her language developments in terms of: a.) early language development b.) phonological development, c.) semantic and syntactic development, d.) pragmatic development and e.) vocabulary development. The second part focuses on simultaneous development. What factors affected the child’s simultaneous development? How has her exposure to various languages affected her? Will her exposure to various languages create confusion or delay in her language development? These questions will be answered in this case study. Keywords - Bilingualism, Code-Switching, Language Acquisition, Language Development, Multilingualism, Protowords