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The Constitutional Foundations of Local Administrative According to the Jordanian Constitution and the Judgment of Jordanian Constitutional Court

This paper addresses The Constitutional Foundations of local administrative according to the Jordanian Constitution and the judgment of Jordanian Constitutional court, which concludes that Article (121) of the Jordanian Constitution which states “Municipal and local council affairs shall be administered by municipal or local councils in accordance with special laws” , is the sole constitutional basis for establishing two levels of regional decentralized administrations Without any other details, represented by municipalities and local councils, and this text, as currently drafted, would create a conflict between the constitutional texts specially article (120) of the Constitution, which requires the constitutional legislator intervention to amend that text article (121) of the Constitution to set clearly the foundations of the regional decentralized administrations and to remove the conflict between the constitutional texts. It also concluded that even though the Constitutional Court specified the conditions that must be met for the establishment of local administrations under Article (121) of the Constitution and showed the intent of the constitutional legislator of that article but it equally treated the administrative unit and the local councils in terms of being legal entities to establish regional decentralization system, in contravention of the model concept of that system, and and the philosophy of the legal entities. Keywords - Constitutional Foundations, Local Administrative , Jordanian Constitution, Jordanian Constitutional Court, Regional Decentralization.