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Internet of Vehicle Architecture for Remote Car Control

Internet of vehicles is a newly emerged technology field that converges Internet of things into vehicular networks. In this work, we develop a short-range communication/Wi-Fi and Bluetooth based vehicular system to support vehicle communication and remote car control. We present a combined hardware and software test-bed that is capable of controlling vehicle’s start-up, operation, and several related functionalities covering various vehicle metric data. The test-bed is built from two microcontrollers: Arduino and Raspberry Pi 3. Each one of them controls certain functions to enhance the overall performance of the vehicle system. The implementation of the heterogeneous communication module is based on an IEEE 802.11 and 802.15 compliant communication modules. Further, a control module on a smartphone is designed and implemented for efficient management. Various functionalities have been tested in various areas, including the university campus and typical urban streets. Experiment results reveal that the test-bed is efficient when the transmission distance is less than 100 m. Keywords - Internet of Things, System Performance, Vehicle Communication.