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A Study on The Investment Behavior of Working Women

Investment is an economic activity of putting to productive use the money saved, with the aim of earning a reasonable return on the funds instead of keeping it idle by undertaking a reasonable level of risk. There are a wide range of products that can be assessed by the investors in this world of investment. Investment starts when an individual has income, saves a portion of it, has awareness about the various investing opportunities available, has intelligence to analyse them and then chooses the best alternative based on one’s motives, purpose, needs and wants. Some investment are subjected to high risk, the investors have to analyse the various alternative investments in terms of risk and return associated with them. In this paper, an attempt has been made to find outthe working women attitude towards investment. It is found that most of the working women’s are aware about the various investment avenues. A sample of 35 working women from healthcare sector under the age of 45 was selected using a simple random sampling method to study the investment behavior. The findings of the research was analyzed using statistical tools. It was found that the majority of the women prefer a stable investment rather than a sudden growth, profitability was the first attitude of working women. They seek the expert’s advice before taking a decision. Most of the women are investing their money for their children higher education and for their marriages. This study helped to identify the investment pattern of women working in healthcare and their attitude towards risk and return. Keywords - Investment, Risk, Return