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Influence of Impulsivity on Students' Academic Achievement in Integrated Science in Mainland Local Government Area, Lagos State, Nigeria

No nation can develop without the knowledge of science and technology. Integrated science is one of the core science subjects in Junior Secondary school. This study investigated the influence of impulsivity on academic achievement of Integrated Science students in private Junior Secondary Schools. The study analyzed data collected from one hundred Junior Secondary School students. Impulsivity Assessment Scale for Students (IMASS) was used to collect data. Students’ scores in Integrated Science were also collected from their teachers. Data were analyzed using t-test. There is statistical significant difference in the academic achievement of impulsive and non-impulsive students in Integrated Science. On the other hand, no statistical difference was revealed in the academic achievement of Impulsive male and Impulsive female students in Integrated Science. It was recommended that impulsive students should be taught the act of thinking before offering answers. Keywords - Impulsivity, Academic Achievement, Integrated Science, Private Secondary Schools.