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African Religio-Philosophical Paradigm and Prevalence of Suicide Among Adolescents and Youths in South West, Nigeria

The prevalence of suicide among the youths and adolescents in South West, Nigeria is becoming quite worrisome. This is due to the fact that those within such age bracket are the future generation of the society; consequently, they should be handled with utmost concern and their continuous existence guaranteed by all and sundry. Suicide runs contrary to the often cherished principle of the sanctity of human life. The study examined some of the causes of suicide among the youths and adolescents and suggested some panaceas. It also addressed the impact of African Religion and Philosophy on the prevalence of suicide among adolescents and youths in South West, Nigeria. The study employed religious, philosophical and sociological methodology in its research design. The study, among other reasons, identified drugs and drug addiction as one of the main causes of suicide among youths and adolescents. Some of the recommendations include mounting an aggressive advocacy against suicide. This should be undertaken by the church, school, other religious bodies, parents and all stakeholders. The challenge of suicide among youths and adolescents should be of utmost concern to all and sundry. This advocacy can be advanced through the mass media and other avenues. In addition, there should also be deep and consistent counseling of the youths and adolescents concerning the dangers of suicide. This can be undertaken at the family level, and also by the church, school and all stakeholders. Keywords - Adolescents, African, Paradigm,Religio-Philosophical, Youths.