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Proposing Solutions for EVM Application for Construction Management in Vietnam

Vietnam’s economy is dramatically growing by sake of the investment from foreign and young labor work force leading to the needs for infrastructure development. Construction project managements should be improved according the rapid expansion of economy. Construction project management is known as a complicated work because of the volatility of planned to manage unexpected changes during process. Earned Value Management can be considered as a powerful method to monitor and control project in Vietnam because some achievements in construction management in developed countries like: USA, Belgium can prove the efficiency and useful of this method. Research specified the benefits of EVM and its shortcomings then based on the previous researches to propose the solutions for better application of EVM in Vietnam. All factors derived from previous researches that might affect to the successful application of EVM in Vietnam construction would be analyzed.There are still a lot of problems involving user, culture, system, implementation aspects because of the unique characteristic of Vietnam. Each aspect has been analyzed carefully to find more detailed problems to find relevant solutions. Educational, legislation and operational strategies have been proposed to handle some limitations of Vietnam situation. This direction of research should be extended and analyze in quantitative method so that it can open a chance for successfully applying EVM in developing countries like Vietnam Keywords - Earned Value Management, Construction Project Management, EVM Application