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Attitude And Knowledge Of Malaysian Vegetable Farmers On Malaysian Certification Scheme Of Good Agricultural Practices (MyGAP)

Quality and safe fresh produce especially vegetables is becoming a global priority. Consumers tend to demand for high quality vegetables as their health concern rises. The government of Malaysia introduced Malaysian certification scheme for Good Agricultural Practices (MyGAP) as one of the strategy not only to increasing quality, safety and environmental-friendly product but also to satisfy the preference and demand of consumers. Although the government has provided a lot of extensions, training and non-mandatory process towards applying MyGAP, the uptake among Malaysian vegetable farmers is still low and slow. In order to address the knowledge gap, there is a need to conduct this study which is to determine the significant differences of attitude and knowledge between vegetable farmers with MyGAP and those without MyGAP. Respondents for this study were interviewed via survey questionnaires. Descriptive analysis and independent samples t-test was conducted and the result presented that both groups of vegetable farmers were significantly different in terms of their attitude and knowledge. Vegetable farmers with MyGAP tend to imply higher attitude and knowledge compare to farmers without MyGAP. Government and policy makers should pay more attention on farmers without MyGAP in motivating them to endorse their farm products with MyGAP. Keywords - Attitude, Knowledge, Vegetable farmers, MyGAP, Independent Samples t-test.