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The Effect Of Substitution Seaweed In Instant Noodles To The Indonesia Balance Of Trade In Indonesia

Food is the human primary basic need for their metabolism. The high activity of society has recently been habit-forming consume fast food because they do not have a lot of time. A lack of awareness of the health food and nutritious also supports the habit of eating unhealthy food. Fast food is solution for many people in meet the needs of its primary. One of fast food that very popular is instant noodles. Instant noodles are generally preferred by any levels of society. Statistic data from BPS (Central Bureau of Statistics) 2013 shows that the consumption of instant noodles in Indonesia is 14.900 million packs. The high consumption level of noodle is accompanied by the high grain import. In addition from BPS in 2014 also show that grain imports is 191691,0 million USD. However, the high wheat import inversely proportional is -1659,0 million USD to the balance of trade in the same year. 60 percent wheat consumption in Indonesia are used for producing noodle and 20 percent from there is used in the production of instant noodles (APTINDO 2015). With high consumption of instant noodles has been supported wheat import. The dependence of import does not support the economy and independence in Indonesia. Because of that the substitution replacement is really needed to make instant noodles from grain with other material. One of them is noodle with seaweed flour based. Instant noodles with seaweed flour based is a healthy food that rich in fiber and carbohydrates. Replacement raw material of noodle with seaweed flour believed to be able to reduce imports of flour in the country so that food economycan remain stable when the price of flour fluctuating globally. On the other hand, fisherman can trade on their own because it has the market which remains. Instant noodles products made with the substitution of flour seaweed will be well developed to improve healthy food for the community. Jelcodes´┐Ż Noodle, Wheat , Imports , Seaweed , Independent.