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The Role of Competitive Strategy and Market Orientation: The Effect of Innovation and Sustainability

Purpose -The purpose of this study is to examine how innovation and CSR can influence public housing companies’competitive strategies and strategic performance relationship. Design/methodology/approach – The quantitative method is applied to data from a survey sent to 289 public housing companies in Sweden. Findings – The results show that innovation and CSR affect competitive strategies in public housing market orientation and strategic performance relationship. The companies have taken several initiatives to improve their knowledge of customer's needs and spread it within the company, but companies neglected to be used competitive advantages in the municipalities, which impact on the market orientation and strategic performance relationship. Research limitations/implications – The limitation of this study is paying attention to the public housing companies, a sector that differs radically from open market sector situations. The studyintends only to highlight the effects innovation and CSR dimensions that are important for companies’strategic performance and long-term construction strategies. However, the study could also allow researchers to use the results to compare both similar and different market situations. Practical implications – The study aims to increase the understanding of innovation and CSR effects on the market orientation and strategic performance relationship in public housing companies. This information could be useful for companies facing a similar market situation. The result might be used in future research related to the focused area. Originality – This paper describes the impact of the different CSR dimension and innovation on the market orientation and strategic performance relationship in public housing companies which adds knowledge by including the impact ofCSR dimension, whichprovides insight into how to develop and use market knowledge in the markets. Keywords - Market Orientation, Competitive Strategy, Strategic Performance, Public Housing, Construction Strategies, CSR.