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Analysis of Kendal Batik Development

This study focuses on analyzing the development of batik in Kendal Regency, Central Java. This research uses observation methods to collect data and information related to the development of batik in Kendal Regency. The results of the research conducted from January to June 2019 are to find out how the history of batik in Kendal Regency and what its development has been to date. Review the motives and meanings contained in Kendal's typical batik. Kendal Regency had experienced a generation breakdown in batik. Kendal is now able to develop batik motifs and production supported by the government, the community, and other institutions. With Kendal's geographical conditions which consist of coastal, lowland and mountainous regions, various kinds of batik motifs are created that are adapted to the circumstances of the environment. With the development of time and technology, it also affects the development of the batik development process. Batik motifs in Kendal include jasmine and abangan batik, jambe kusuma, langgeng, and so on. Batik Kendal development is carried out through batik training. Establishment of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). Use of Daily Service Clothing Batik Kendal. Batik Kendal is processed into various new products such as bags, and others. Batik Kendal is considered still not well known by the public. Thus, it is expected that the government will be more aggressive in promoting Batik Kendal cloth or other products that have the Batik Kendal motif in it. Hold ongoing training for craftsmen. In addition to incorporating Batik Kendal handicrafts in local content, it must be in public and private schools. Keywords - Batik Kendal, Types of Batik, Design of Batik, Batik Debelopment Process.