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Influence of Japanese Snack Packaging Toward Online Impulsive Buying: Kit Kat Blueberry Cheese Cake

Packaging was proven as effective marketing communication toward purchase decision. It becomes one competitiveness factor between companies to create a good one. Good example can be taken from Japan, country that is known to have creative and unique snack packaging. Technology shifting allows people to buy it through online purchase. This research aims to determine influence of Japanese snack packaging toward online impulsive buying as well as to know Indonesian perception regarding other countries packaging. Kit Kat Blueberry Cheese Cake was chosen as Japanese snack packaging representative since it has deep Japanese philosophy within the worldwide known snack brand. Respondents are Millennial Generation who live in Bandung and have experience in online purchase. Result showed that Kit Kat Blueberry Cheese Cake packaging influence online impulsive buying with image as the highest contribution to influence online impulsive buying. It can be taken as example for companies in Indonesia in making better packaging as it is publicly accepted in Indonesian perspective. Paying more attention to image whilst maintaining synchronicity and collaboration with packaging elements. Keywords - Impulsive Buying, Japanese Snack Packaging, Kit Kat Blueberry Cheese Cake, Online Impulsive Buying, Packaging, Packaging Elements