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Assessment of Marketing Capability of Exhibitors in Trade Expo: 3 Types of Exhibition in Indonesia

Export are trading by issuing goods from inside to outside the Indonesian customs area and fulfill the provisions applicable. For the development of the Indonesian economy, export-import transaction is an important economic activity. The export activity is the B2B transaction because the business transaction do between one business entity with other business entities. Therefore, in export activity uses exhibition as marketing communication. Export barriers have prevented export performance. The one of internal barrier that influence low exports might be the lack ability of exhibitors / exporters in marketing capability. There are many kind of exhibitions for doing export. In every exhibition there are differences on it. This research aims to study more about what and how exactly the marketing capability of exhibitors in selling export product in trade expo and the differentiation of exhibitors capability in three category of exhibition. The respondents are exhibitors in 3 type of exhibitions which are Trade Expo Indonesia, Indonesia Modern Agriculture Expo and Indonesia Food Exhibition. The result showed that the marketing capability in TEI has higher score than IMAE and IFE. There are significant differences in the average marketing capability based on the three types of exhibitions and each of exhibitions don't have similarity of marketing capabilities. The capabilities that should be fixed and improved by exhibitors in TEI are management of stores abroad and pricing. IMAE exhibitors should fix and improve the e-commerce marketing. Moreoever, the capability that exhibitors in IFE should fix and improve is transformation of marketing channels in time. It can be an evaluation for exhibitors itself to improve those capability more better and also for the government who has responsibility in export activity to make the training and consultation for the exhibitors who do export. Keywords - Marketing Capability, Export, Exhibition, International Trade, International Marketing