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The Adoption of E-commerce by B2B and B2C Customers of Fashion Businesses in Bandung: A Preliminary Study

Technology has transformed people’s lives into digital, from interacting with other users to having online transactions. Digital development encourages people to use e-commerce platforms when looking for products and shopping, especially on B2C and C2C platforms. Fashion is a commodity that dominates e-commerce. One of the creative cities in Indonesia that develops its fashion sector is Bandung. Fashion businesses in Bandung have expanded to e-commerce, allowing them to reach consumers from all regions in Indonesia. Fashion businesses in Bandung does not only sell their products to consumers, but also resellers from various regions. Hence, although the e-commerce competition is still focused on the consumer sector, there are potential opportunities for businesses to move in the B2B segment as well. Amid the fast-moving and competitive business environment, fashion businesses in Bandung need to understand the factors that significantly affect their customers to shop on e-commerce, both end consumers and resellers. This preliminary study aims to explore factors influencing the adoption of e-commerce in both B2B and B2C segment that can be applied to the main study. A questionnaire is used for testing the validity and reliability of variables in the proposed framework. Keywords - B2B, B2C, E-commerce Adoption, Behavioral Intention