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Invasive Fungal Infections Diagnosed in The Parasitology-Mycology Laboratory, Chu Annaba Algeria

Background and Aim - The increasing incidence of invasive mycoses incentive to better study these infections to improve the care of patients at risk. The management of these infections poses many diagnostic and therapeutic problems. The delay in diagnosis leads to delayed treatment and thereby worsened prognosis. The objective of this study is to identify the role of biotechnology tools available locally and applied to samples of patients mainly for research of circulating antigens in the candidiasis and invasive aspergillosis. Methods: This is a descriptive prospective study that concerned patients from the medical intensive care services. The search for mannan antigen for the diagnosis of invasive candidiasis and galactomannan antigen for the diagnosis of invasive aspergillosis is held by ELISA. The research of the capsular antigen of Cryptococcusis held by slide agglutination. The research of Pneumocystis spp. held by DFA. Results: Four cases of Cryptococcosis were confirmed and three cases of Pneumocystosis; among the 493 sera studied for suspected invasive Candidiasis, 75 were positive (15.21%) and among the 324 sera studied for suspicion of invasive Aspergillosis, 31 were positive (9.56%). Conclusion: Invasive fungal infections are still under-diagnosed clinically and therefore mycologically. Keywords - Invasive Mycoses, Mannan Antigen, Galactomannan Antigen, Cryptococcosis, Pneumocystosis.