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Customer Behavior and Satisfaction Toward The Service Quality to Develop The Strategic Plan for Akewit Pharmacy Phimai District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province

This quantitative and qualitative research aimed to study (1) study the consumer behavior; (2) study the level of consumer satisfaction with service process; (3) to develop and improve the strategy planning. The study samples were 100 customers. Data were collected by using the questionnaires which applies from SERVQUAL model. The data were analyzed by using Paired-Simple Test. The study findings revealed as following: (1) Customers use the service most regularly is Akewit Pharmacy, the group of drug that bought the most drugs was pain reliver, the group of drugs that are difficult to find is a cough reliver (special control type), the cost of buying drugs in each month is less than 200 baht, the cost of buying drugs within the customer family who buy from drug store each month most are 401-600 baht. (2) Compare difference between expectations and perceptions towards quality services finding the patients impress most dimension of quality service and marketing mix factor. (3) After that the study customer who had negative attitude, minority customers dissatisfied that might impact to quality service. Thereforstrategy plan was set to improve quality service. Keywords - Customer behavior, Customer Satisfaction, Strategy planning, Service quality, Marketing mix, SWOT analysis,TOWS Matrix, Customer relationship management (CRM).