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Integration of Cognitive Problems in Chemistry Inquiry-Controlled Chemical Practicum Sheets to Improve Student Knowledge

The results of the analysis of the implementation of chemical labs in six high schools in the city of Semarang in 2017 and 2018, showed that there were no 50% of the chemical practicum instructions that should have been carried out, but were not implemented. The reason was not implemented, and even then it was dominant because the tools and materials were expensive, tools and materials were not prepared, there was no time. The purpose of this study was to analyze students' knowledge, after the worksheet used had integrated cognitive questions. The steps in implementing inquiry that propose explanations of what they see, design and conduct tests to support or oppose their theories, analyze data, draw conclusions from experimental data, design and build models. Inquiry learning can be inserted into the Practicum Worksheet. The Practicum Worksheet with inquiry approach is needed to facilitate students in understanding the material presented. The research design used was one group pretest and post test design. The research data was obtained by observation, documentation, questionnaires, and tests. The results showed that the practical lab work was effectively used with a breakdown of the average score of 80.56 in the presentation aspect, 81.25 in the aspect of content feasibility, 81.94 in the graphic aspect, and 82.50 in the language aspect with a maximum score of 100. Implementation of the worksheet practicum made, shows that the pretest results for the two experimental classes I and II are pre-test before 41.6 and 37.95 and after the pretest are 69.35 and 69.22 with a maximum score of 100. Suggestions that can be delivered are practicum programs that already in the chemistry book, the teacher should try to do it. Keywords - Guided Inquiry, Knowledge, Practical Worksheet.