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The Dissemination of Blended Learning-Based Teaching Material with a Scientific Approach of Buffer Solution Material in Conceptual Understanding Analysis of Grade XI Students of SMAN 1 Donorojo

This study aims to apply the blended learning-based buffer solution teaching materials with a scientific approach, the development product that has been tested for its feasibility, effectiveness, practicality, and user response for analysis of conceptual understanding of buffer solution material. The research method was started from determining the number of research subjects that consist of 100 students of grade XI MIPA. The buffer solution learning uses development product teaching materials, then it was conducted a test by using the three tier multiple choice diagnostic test (TTMC) to analyze the understanding concept. The profile of students' understanding of concepts in classical buffer solution material showed that as many as 56 out of 100 students understood the concept (56%), students experienced misconceptions which consist of positive misconceptions, negative misconceptions and high level misconceptions of 34 out of 100 (34%), 5 of 100 students did not understand the concept (5%) and 5 out of 100 students did not understand the concept (5%). The understanding of the concept that based on the highest achievement is the indicator that explained as much as 87% of understanding the concept with the lowest achievement is the indicator of comparing that is equal to 44%. The analysis of the conceptual understanding of each item, the items with the highest number of correct answers are questions number 3 and number 1. While the items with the lowest number of correct answers are items number 19 and number 2. So that the instructional products of the development products could be used to understand the analysis concept by using the TTMC test. Keywords - Desemination, Teaching Materials, Understanding Concepts