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Development of Saudi Mathematics Curriculum between Hope and Reality

This paper discussed the development of Saudi mathematics curriculum. The Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia made its decision to develop mathematics curriculum based on the international experiences that have proved effective in improving education. Therefore, decision-makers chose the McGraw-Hill Education company and its representative in KSA, Al-Obekan Education company to assume the of task of mathematics curriculum development based on the standards and principles of the US National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, known as ‘NCTM 2000’, for all general education stages (MoE, 2006). Furthermore, to achieve success with this project, McGraw-Hill and Al-Obekan undertook the task of translating and harmonising the McGraw-Hill Educational Series for Mathematics, and the MoE worked to create an appropriate educational environment in which to implement this curriculum. For the purpose of this discussing the process of development of mathematics curriculum, I adopted Billet (2007) framework for reforming curriculum: curriculum as intention, curriculum as enacted, and curriculum as experienced. In the conclusion I draw some issues related to the implementation of the developed mathematics curriculum and gave some suggestion and recommendation to improve teaching this developed curriculum. Keywords - Saudi Mathematics Curriculum, Curriculum Reforming, Mathematics Curriculum.