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Feasibility Study of Implementing E-Reference Services Based on User-Oriented Approach

Purpose: The present study has been done to measure facilities to providee-reference services in central library of Islamic Azad University – Research & Science branch – Tehran. Methodology: The study method is survey – descriptive. The studied population includes the students of (BS, MS and PhD) degrees, librarians and library manager of Islamic Azad University – Research & Science branch – Tehran. Data collecting tool is the questionnaire provided in two sections: the first and second sections review polling user and library facilities and abilities respectively. The data have been analyzed by SPS application. Findings: The data indicate that 91% of the user can access to the internet, they are relatively familiar with information – communicative technology, and excessively tend to receive e-reference services. The librarians’ ability of using information technology and their interest in learning required skills to providee-reference services would be considered acceptable. The library is in inappropriate situation financially and technically (facilities & equipment). Conclusion: Considering improper budget status, equipment and space of the library, personnel ,s competency and their passion of learning required skills to provide e-reference services as well as user ,s knowledge of the services may be above intermediate level, from the personnel and managers , viewpoint, the library would be fail to provide e-reference services. Considering, this applied study the library can use the data and satisfy user by allocating valid budget to provide and develop the services. Keywords - E-reference services, Feasibility, Central library of Islamic Azad University – Research & Science branch – Tehran