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Ethnomathematics Exploration at Gua Sunyaragi Cultural Heritage in Cirebon

Gua Sunyaragi Water Park comes from Sanskrit, namely the word “sunya” which means quiet and “ragi” means body. This park was made as a resting place for the family of the Cirebon sultanate king. In addition, this place is used by the king to meditate closer to God. The area of this water park is around 15 hectares. There are several types of buildings around the area, namely Pasanggrahan building, Gua Pengawal, Gua Pande Kemasan, Gua Simanyan, Jinem ward, Mande Beling, Gua Peteng, Gua Langse, Kaputren room, Panembahan ward, Chinese Princess statue room, puncup, Bale Kambang, Gua Arga Jumut, Gua Padang Ati, Gua Kelanggengan, Gua Lawa, Gua Pawon, courtyard square, Mei Man Chia Tin monument. Gua Sunyaragi Water Park is a mixture of Javanese, Arabic and Chinese architecture. Gua Sunyaragi Water Park consists of stone, coral, brick, water and garden-like elements in China. Sacred atmosphere created with the use of Wadasan. Wadasan has an architectural function as a building envelope, a circulation barrier and sclupture. Wadasan has several functions such as a temperature controller combined with water to reduce the temperature around the room. The stone used as Wadasan has a variety of types but has the same character. The purpose of this study is to determine the contribution of the mathematical aspects of Gua Sunyaragi Water Park, its history, and the process of mathematical thinking in how it is created. The results of this study are presented in a qualitative form to describe the history of the Gua Sunyaragi Water Park. The building shape is described as a pyramid and trapezoid-like building which is a part of mathematical aspects of geometrical material. In addition, other aspects discussed are fractal dimensions in the shape of the building by looking at several scales starting at 1, ½ and ¼. This scale can determine the level of roughness of the building forms of Gua Sunyaragi Water Park. It is expected that the results of this study can be used as teaching materials at the secondary school level or references for other studies in the field of ethnomatematics. Keywords - Cultural Heritage of Gua Sunyaragi Water Park, Ethnomatematics, Exploration.