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Decentralization, Good Governance and Sustainable Development

Decentralization refers to power devolution among different tiers of government in any politics. The control idea is to enhance devolution of power in an ideal political system in Nigeria, local government is a form of decentralization to bring government nearer to general masses to promote development from below, making provision for basics need of life enhance local autonomy among others. The possibility of these information attempt is hindered by institutional structures arrangement and financial commitment in fulfillment of providing for public goods and exercebated by the constitutional ambiguity in the operation of the government system in Nigeria federal relationship the study adopt content analysis in it methodology through the use of relevant textbook, journals and news paper to validate the study outcomes and place premium on leadership with vision, commitment and re-orientation of the populance in bringing about an expected and sustainable development in Nigeria. Keywords - Local Government, Good Governance, and Sustainable Development.