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Impact of Benevolence and Credibility as Dimensions of Trust Between Supplier and Retailer on Conduct of Integrative Negotiation

The aim of this paper is to determine the impact of trust on the conduct of integrative negotiation between producers and retailers in Tunisia B2B (business-to-business) market according to the dyadic approach. The results of a Principal Component Analysis (PCA) highlight the bi-dimensionality of trust, “Credibility and Benevolence” using a survey study from 253 producers and 53 food retailing managers. Analyzing producers and retailers’ perceptions allowed us to conclude that there exists a “perceptual convergence” between retailers and producers. The results of the dyadic analysis of a sample of producers and retailers point to a significant and a positive relationship between credibility and conduct of integrative negotiation. However, the relationship between benevolence and conduct of integrative negotiation is insignificant. Indeed, the regression estimates clearly reject the fact that benevolence has a significant and a positive impact on the conduct of integrative negotiation. This paper builds a retail and producer integrative negotiation model in B2B markets which contributes to the wider marketing and management discussion. Keywords - Trust, Negotiation, Cooperation, Retailers, Suppliers, Producers.