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The Link Between Infrastructure and the Competitiveness of the GCC countries

Global competitiveness is a major concern to any nation, in fact it hasbeen identified as a key performance indicator. This study seeks to investigate the effects of basic requirements of competitiveness on the GCC’s global competitiveness score. Data collection utilizes the extrapolation technique of a panel data consisting of six gulf countries during the time period of 2008-2017. Finding include infrastructure expenditure, and health and primary education have a positive and a significant effect on competitiveness, whereas the variables, infrastructure expenditures and health and primary education, contribute much higher than the other variables to the GCC’s global competitiveness. This study also finds thatmacroeconomic stability, and institutional environment have no significant effect on the GCC’s competitiveness. The study recommends that GCC’s legislation take heed and bear into mind institutional reform and stability of macroeconomic environment. Keywords - Economic Growth, Competitiveness, Economic Environment, Oil Countries. JEL Classification - F43, H11, H54, O18, O4.