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Gender, Climate Justice, and The Law: Towards A Legal and Policy Reform

Climate change impacts everyone but not equally. The interaction of socio-economic attributes such as gender, ethnicity, age, with bio-physical factors determines vulnerability to the impacts of climate change. Women as a socio-economically marginalized section of the population, especially in developing countries like Nepal, are disproportionately impacted by climate change. Such disproportionate impacts of climate change create a vicious circle of inequality where the pre-existing vulnerabilities are exacerbated by climate change stresses. In that milieu, legal, policy and institutional arrangement play an instrumental role in empowering the marginalized communities and population. If legal, policy and institutional instruments are not well designed, it has the potential to impede climate justice. The paper, therefore, examines legal, policy and institutional instruments from a gender perspective with an objective to find out whether such arrangements impede or foster gender equality and women empowerment. Keywords - Human Rights, Gender, Climate Change, Himalayas