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Repackaging The Rail, Old Wine Inside A New Bottle: A Critical Examination of Connect Rail, Lagos, Nigeria

Despite the huge spending on Nigeria rail sector, surprisingly the sector still in discontentphase. In order to avert this. This paper critically examining the Connect Rail Services. The study adopted direct field observation, it involved interview and physical assessment. Results were presented in tables and charts. The study found that fiscal commitment was not argument with work done, and that the logistics sector that supposed to serve as source of glory, were not, several trillion and human labour hour still waste on logistic related problems. In light of this the study concludes and recommend financial commitment, political sincerity,and infrastructure development. The study recommended that there is a need for proper deregulation and full privatization with proper awareness to educate masses on the significant of a sector on sustainable national growth and development. Keyword - Connect Rail, Development, Transport, Logistic, and Infrastructure